Boondocking Lessons

Our first foray into boondocking turned out to be a huge success. Chuck researched sites near Winthrop and we left Newhalem Friday morning. Since it was 4th of July weekend we weren’t sure what to expect as we headed down a paved forest service road. At the point where the first site should have been we found a dirt pullout with a path down to the river. We parked and walked down to find a couple of campsites occupied already and definitely not suitable for the trailer. Our first lesson of boondocking was driven home.

Lesson #1: Always walk the road in to make sure it is passable.

We continued on to an area called Upper Bobcat. Seeing a rather rough turn in we again parked and walked in. There was one tent but the rest of the lower area’s primitive sites among the pine trees were wide open. We decided we could handle the bumpy road and in we went. Being excited about having found a spot and a bit hungry, we immediately parked in a small clearning, leveled the trailer, unhitched the truck, extended our awning, laid down a rug, put out chairs and sat down for lunch. Having reenergized ourselves we decided to walk to rest of the campground which is when the next lesson came to pass.

Lesson #2: Always check out the whole campground before setting up.

First site – Not bad, but not great.

Alas the north part of the area was much more to our liking. There was a wide open meadow with views of the surrounding hills, a few pine trees here and there and paths to the river. Knowing we would be here for several days we decided to move. So we quickly stowed everything, hitched back up and moved and we were glad we did. We had a fabulous spot with views all around, no neighbors nearby and plenty of sunshine for our solar panels. It turned out for the whole holiday weekend there were only 7 or 8 groups camping here. (We heard that over Memorial Day there were over 100 RVs wedged in.)

Spot #2
Great views!

All of this beauty for free as long as you have a Discover Pass. With the solitude, views, proximity to amenities, biking, hiking, and river this spot has quickly soared to the top of our favorite places to camp. I imagine we’ll be back someday.

Note: this area has was no fresh water and only a pit toilet but we brought our own. 🙂 Sites are little more than packed earth with a circle of rocks for a fire ring. No tables, no markers. For Chuck’s full review visit

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