Hanging in Wichita

We spent a month in Wichita visiting family. It was nice to be able to spend more day-to-day time together than if we’d come for a short visit. Having our home with us allowed us this luxury. We attended our nephew’s baseball games and track meets, had family meals together, and just spent a lot of time hanging out.

We enjoyed the Kansas State Fair, with the famous butter cow, lots of big farm equipment everywhere, and a cool vintage tractor display. I missed the scones we have at our fair, but got to try “potato on a stick” which is basically a spiral cut potato on a skewer that is deep fried—kinda like fresh made potato chips.


Strangest animal we saw–carrier pigeons with growths around their eyes and beaks.

We also found they have a lot of bike trails and we got in a few rides right from our trailer. It was nice to be in a big town with lots of familiar stores. I spent one afternoon just wandering through Target. I found a great natural market and was able to stock up on all my favorite gluten free foods and toiletry items.

There were a couple of neat sculptures along the bike path.

There were some advantages to being in one spot for a while. We were able to order things since we had the time for them to be delivered. We took advantage of free high speed internet, courtesy of family, to update all our devices. I was able to fly home to help my daughter move and see family. Chuck took care of some maintenance items like installing a better hitch system and a solar shade for the awning.

We also weighed the trailer again and came to the conclusion that we really needed a bigger truck. We haven’t been happy with the handling, especially the porpoising we were getting (the truck and trailer were bouncing each other up and down). We found we were heavy on our tongue weight and pretty close to maxed out on the truck’s capacity, so no adding kayaks which we’ve been contemplating. We decided that we didn’t want to keep worrying about these issues so we traded in our new truck for a newer one. It was a great decision as we lost the bounce, gained more control and now towing is easy! Or so Chuck says. I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s in the plans. 🙂

At Mount Rushmore we saw Chad Farnes’ duct tape art. We ordered this print for our wall to remind us of home.

On the down side, the RV park we stayed at wasn’t great. It was little more than a gravel parking lot with the neighbor’s sewer hookup about 6 feet from your door. Trains tooted warning horns during the night and many of our neighbors were up early to head to work so we didn’t get the best sleep. But it was one of the only options that was close. We didn’t have to drive far to be with family, which was good because we were with them every day, and that was the whole point of coming to Wichita!

One thought on “Hanging in Wichita”

  1. Hi Yvonne & Chuck! I finally got caught up on your blog. Is there a way it can notify me whenever you make a post? Everything sounds fabulous so far! I’m going to send you an email with general communication. 🙂 Denise


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