On the Road Again

As we got on our way from Lubbock we were so happy to be on the road again. As I watched the landscape flying by outside the window I reflected back on the things we’ve noticed about Texas so far.

Around Amarillo we saw cattle and oil. I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of wind farms since we’re in the heart of oil country. In Amarillo I loved the giant “donut” signs calling out to travelers on the highway. They must love their donuts as we saw donut shops all over the place. They also have little “tea, water, ice” drive throughs where you get iced tea in all kinds of varieties (sweetened or not) and they’ll fill your water jug for free. I’m thinking water quality in Texas must not be that great. Each little town we drive into has a sign about it’s water system rating. The first one I saw said “adequate water system” but most of the later ones were rated superior. At any rate we’re learning that we can’t take fresh, clean water for granted anymore. Boy did we have it good in Seattle.

As we moved toward Lubbock, oil and cattle were replaced by cotton fields and cotton gins. I didn’t realize that Texas was a big cotton growing state. It made me think of the book I read with my first graders about how cotton goes from a plant to a shirt. Further south around Midland, oil took over again, but this time there were no cows grazing under the oil wells, just scrubland.

But no matter where we’ve been here in Texas the people are friendly and they love their state flag. They fly it outside their ranches, use it in their advertising, even paint it on their cars and fences. Never in Washington do you see people flying the state flag outside their houses or wearing it on a t-shirt. Guess it’s just not as inspiring of a design. 🙂

I love the entrance signs to state parks in Texas.

Well, back to our adventure. Our destination was Monahans Sandhills State Park just outside Odessa. You’re driving through the oil fields and scrubland and you turn off the freeway and suddenly you’re in giant sand dunes. We loved the look of it. It felt like we were at the beach and the ocean should be just behind the dunes.


While I thought this sand must have come from a long ago sea, it is actually created by wind erosion and is some of the softest I’ve ever walked in. Climbing up the dune is the best stairmaster workout ever. It really gets your heart pumping and you can hardly catch your breath. From the top you get a beautiful view and then you can slide down. Oh what fun!

Step 1: Rub wax on your saucer.
Step 2: Climb that big hill.
Step 3: Slide!

We almost skipped Monahans, but I’m glad we didn’t. It’s a little gem in the middle of west Texas and we’d definitely stop here again if we’re ever nearby.

2 thoughts on “On the Road Again”

  1. Glad to see that my wife and I are not the only Kenneys out traveling the country. We started traveling on a Harley and now have a Motorhome and are pulling a jeep. We hope to be full timing in about 5 yrs. Hope we can meet up sometime. We live in Conway,AR


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