Got That Vacation Feeling!

Padre Island National Seashore – Malaquite Campground
Nights: 14
Hikes and Bikes: 0
Walks on the beach: countless
Bug Bites: 5—but for once Chuck had at least twice as many as I did! Of course he was the one standing outside in the evenings grilling our dinner 🙂


Before we left everyone asked us when or if we thought we would lose the feeling that we were on vacation. We didn’t really know what to expect, and I’m not sure there was an exact moment, but somewhere along the way it happened. Maybe it was the stretch of so-so parks in the midwest, or our month long stay in Wichita that was more like regular living, but we got to feeling kinda like this is our normal life. So it was nice when we pulled into Padre Island to get back that feeling that we’re on vacation.


We’ve always found the beach relaxing and walking along this beach reminds us of our favorite vacation destination, Zihuatanejo Mexico. Now if only there was a little palapa with drinks and snacks we’d be set. But you really can’t complain with these views.


When we’re at the national parks we’re trying to make sure we see everything, but here there is nothing more to do than walk on the beach and stare at the waves and we spent a full two weeks (the maximum time you’re allowed to stay) doing just that.

Portuguese Man-o-War

Chuck’s brother and our nephew flew down to spend a few days with us at Thanksgiving. We cooked a full turkey day dinner on the BBQ with all the usual foods we have at home. Thank goodness for aluminum foil pans. We put a bone-in turkey breast in one on the grill surrounded by little ones for the green bean casserole, marshmallow yams, and stuffing. Mashed potatoes on the stove and biscuits in the oven rounded out the meal. I cheated with a store bought pumpkin pie, but everyone seemed happy.


Our nephew wasted no time getting in the water. And he even tried his hand at paddle boarding in the Laguna Madre on the other side of the island.

Even with the high humidity (most days 80-90%—it was actually dripping down the screens), goat heads (nasty stickers), a big storm, and evening bugs, we enjoyed it so much we debated coming back after going to San Antonio. That didn’t happen but I’m sure we will be back someday.


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