Love those Saguaro !

Saguaro National Park
Loop Drives: 2
Hikes: 2

While we loved the campground and the desert landscape at Gilbert Ray and around Tucson, it turns out Saguaro was not our favorite national park. Somehow there isn’t something of the spectacular in this park. True the saguaros are cool, and I love how they seem so human and are all so different, some with arms that point down or curve around which only seems to make them look more life-like, but we saw just as many of those in Tucson Mountain Park and even on the drive into town. So our explorations in Saguaro just didn’t wow us.

This is another park with two parts to it, one on the east side of town and one to the west (near Gilbert Ray), both with visitor centers.

Both sides also have loop drives with views of the cacti which is a great way to experience the park, but unless you really get out and follow one of the trails you aren’t getting the full effect. By getting up close you realize how big the saguaros can be and see the diversity in their forms. You also get to see all the other cacti up close.

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