Four Years Later…

Guess we should have told her she was holding her cap upside down 🙂

After our time in the Seattle area we headed to Missoula for our daughter’s graduation from the University of Montana. Just four short years ago we travelled here in our much smaller 23′ Airstream to drop her off for her freshman year. Then Chuck and I spent a week on Flathead Lake with a quick jaunt into Glacier National Park. I think that trip started us thinking more seriously about our desire to hit the road.

Celebrating with family. Of course our daughters were playing tabletop football with the folded napkin ring as the ball just like Chuck taught them as little girls!

It had been a while since both of our daughters and my parents were all together in one spot so it was another nice week filled with family. Even though graduation day turned out cold (it was 42 degrees in the outdoor stadium where the big event was held) we huddled proudly in the stands with blankets wrapped around our legs to cheer our daughter for her accomplishments. We were so glad the rain held off!

That’s her on the big screen! You could send a tweet to display a message up there so Chuck sent his first ever tweet.
Isn’t she a cutie?! So proud of all she’s accomplished!

Our older daughter stayed at Jellystone RV Park in one of the camping cabins. We had stayed there on our way to Mount Rushmore in our very first trailer when the girls were little so they have fond memories of the place. Of course the mini-golf, pool and nightly ice cream helped. That’s them climbing the rocks at Mt. Rushmore on that long ago trip and them now posing with Yogi.

One highlight of our time in Missoula was a Mother’s Day round of mini-golf including 3 generations. You’ll notice the winter jackets. It was cold when the sun hid behind the clouds!





Next up we’ll be making our way across the country to Ohio for a big rally at the Airstream Factory. Hopefully we can escape the cold, wet weather!


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