Visiting Family

As we sat at Lake Mead enjoying the sunshine we kept putting off heading north because every time we checked the weather looked cold and wet. Finally we just had to bite the bullet and go. Crossing from Nevada through the tiny northwest corner of Arizona and into Utah on I-15 we drove through a spectacular pass that gave us a taste of the beauty available in this area. Unfortunately we had to drive right by all the exit signs for the national parks that are high on our list (Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands). With snow still a threat in those places we’ll be saving them for our next time through.

We spent one night at Yuba Lake, a nice little spot not far off the interstate.

We managed to get level without unhitching!
Not a bad view of the lake and at least it was still sunny!

Then a couple of very windy nights in North Salt Lake City at Pony Express RV Park to do laundry and grocery shopping. They had a nice clean laundry room and we hung out in the comfy clubhouse while our clothes washed away. Just as we were finishing up another patron came in with their heavily soiled, dog hair laden laundry and left the machines and counters covered in crud. Guess timing is everything.

Fun how they made the electric/water posts look like lighthouses. They even glowed at night!

The next night we stayed at a lovely city park on the Snake River in southern Idaho. Heyburn Riverside RV Park made for a great stopover with a level pull through site so we didn’t need to unhitch. We took advantage of the sun to ride our bikes on the riverside path and found a cool covered bridge. We could feel a chill in the air!

Then on Easter Sunday we arrived at a crowded, busy KOA to spend a week visiting my parents and sister who recently moved to Boise. While the park was not the best, it was so nice to spend some time with family. We had a mix of sun and rain and it was definitely cooler, but it didn’t matter because we mostly sat around sharing tales of our adventures and hearing tales of theirs. Sorry I didn’t snap any photos.

Saw this shiny beauty while we were in Boise. The couple who owned it had done all the restoration themselves.

After a lovely week we headed to Washington, spending one night on the river at Umatilla in an Army COE park enjoying a welcome bit of sunshine.



Then we trekked on to Western Washington staying at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park near Covington. This was full on Northwest camping, with mossy wooded trees blocking the sky and rain pouring down. After all our time in the desert, I can’t believe we used to enjoy camping this way. But it did put us close to our Airstream dealer, where we dropped off our trailer for service.

We spent one night at McMenamins in Bothell, a cool Northwest chain that turns old historic buildings into hotels and restaurants filled with local lore. This one was an old school. We’ve gotten so used to having everything we own right at our fingertips that it was hard to pack for a night away and it felt weird to be without all our worldly possessions.

The view from our window of the Woodshed, one of the bars on the property.
The hallway is full of old light fixtures and pictures telling the stories of Anderson School and Bothell inhabitants.

Luckily we picked up the trailer (and all our belongings) the next day and settled into one of the few RV parks in the area, Lake Pleasant. This is where we stayed when we first moved into the trailer after selling our house last May and it is pleasant, but being back in our old neighborhood felt strange. There were so many people, cars, businesses, and stress. It was a bit of shock. I found it hard to wrap my head around the sheer number of people who live in the area. Plus with the rainy, grey weather I kept thinking “How do people live here?” Hard to believe that we did it for over 18 years (and I was there another 18 before I met Chuck). True, when the sun shines it is beautiful, but I’m not sure I could survive the grey days there anymore.

The other weird thing about being back was I realized there really wasn’t anywhere I had to go. There were no restaurants, stores, or sights that I just had to visit again. The only thing I cared about was seeing family and friends. So between all our doctor and dentist appointments I packed my days full with visits.

My daughter and I took the ferry to Langley and enjoyed exploring the shops amid the more relaxed island vibe.
We spent a while at the glass blowing shop marveling at their skills. 
Next to the glass shop was this walkway and garden decorated with their creations.

Putting up with grey skies, rain, traffic and a stressed out population for 2 weeks made us feel our decision to escape had been the right one. We’re ready to hit the road again but there’s one more family stop on the way. I’ll save that for next time.

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