The Adirondacks

We’d heard of the Adirondacks. The picture in our minds was filled with cabins, folks sitting on huge porches in Adirondack chairs, kids swimming in lakes and mountain views. Of course in our minds it was sunny too, but our late June visit didn’t quite match up.

Yes, that’s a down vest I’m wearing over my fleece.
A storm brewing over the lake.

The area was rainy, green, filled with trees and, like most of the northeast, it reminded us of the northwest. If the weather had been a bit nicer we would have rented kayaks and got out on the water, but the wind and rain kept us inside much of the time. That’s ok, I’m not sure I really wanted to venture into the very brown water. It looked like tea which is kinda what it is. All the leaves and pine needles soaking in the water turn it brown.

This was one of the more open sites at Fish Creek Pond State Park.

On one of the nicer days we went to The Wild Center, a sort of science center about the Adirondacks. They recently opened a new area where you walk up into the different levels of the canopy so we did that before it started raining.


It wasn’t exactly what we expected. We thought we would be walking above the canopy of the forest looking down into it but it was more looking out into the forest. The interactive exhibits along the way were pretty good though and I liked bouncing on the bridge.

Inside they had displays about the glaciers that formed this area and creatures that lived in the waters, including lots of fish and otters.

These little painted turtle freeze solid in the winter and thaw back out in the spring. Weird but true!

That fuzzy looking thing is a real live porcupine.

All the kids seemed to be enjoying the place and even though it was kinda interesting, I’m not sure it was worth the $20/person admission. Seemed a bit steep but we’re finding most things cost more out east.

The daily campground entertainment. 

Back at our campsite we snuggled inside, watched tv, and took a bike ride around the lake when the weather cleared a bit. This is the first campground that had an ice truck. It drove along ringing a bell out the window and campers would come running. The driver hopped out of the truck to get ice for you or the girl riding in the trailer served up snow cones and ice cream. It was kinda a pain because the camp road is only wide enough for one vehicle (even though it’s two way) and they held up traffic a lot, but ice cream right at your site is pretty sweet!

Not a bad view.

Even with ice cream right at your site, Adirondack camping didn’t impress us. If it had been warm and sunny we might have felt different, but our short, four day stay only reminded us that we crave sunshine and open views. Somehow camping in the woods is not our thing anymore. Bad news since I think we have more of it coming our way in Vermont and Maine. We’re just hoping the weather improves!

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