Welcome to Maine

Since I’m about a month behind, I’m going to attempt to get caught up by using less words and more pictures. I’m a wordsmith at heart so we’ll see how that goes…

Welcome to Maine – The Way Life Should Be – Open for Business

We have a sweet solar set-up that allows us to camp without hookups or a generator but after our forested site in Waterbury, VT our batteries were at the lowest point we’ve hit yet, 40% charged. Usually we’re never much below 60%. Our lithium batteries can go down to 20%, but once you get there they shut off. That means no power to run important things like the water pump, monitoring systems, and the composting toilet exhaust fan. So 40% made us a bit nervous, especially since we were expecting more cloudy weather and a partially shaded site with no hook-ups. Chuck decided to try charging the battery from the truck while we drove. We’d never switched this option on before so we weren’t sure what to expect. When we stopped for lunch and checked the monitor it didn’t seem like it was working, but when we arrived in Freeport, ME and got all set up we were miraculously back to 100%. Yipee!

Winslow Memorial Park Campground
Nights: 4

Winslow Memorial is a city campground right on Casco Bay. Our site was just across from the waterfront sites so we had a little view.


We enjoyed walking the trail through the park to a point where you could look across to the Freeport Marina. The ocean scenery was a welcome change from all the forest views we’ve had lately.


There were three other Airstreams in the park that you can just see at the end of our row.


Another camper told us L.L. Bean was just up the road and it was open 24 hours. We hadn’t realized we were so close so we decided to go check it out. We drove down the country road and suddenly we were in a huge crowded shopping mecca. We were not expecting this at all! L.L. Bean has a huge flagship store, plus an outlet store, a home store, and a bike/kayak store. Then there are about 100 other major shops, from Corningware to Patagonia to Ralph Lauren. It was a bit overwhelming, but it was interesting walking through L.L. Bean. It reminded us of REI back home. Sadly, somehow we missed the giant L.L. Bean boot so no selfie shot.

Continuing our eating theme, we made a couple of trips into Portland. It was funny to us how much this east coast Portland reminded us of the west coast Portland, both in look and feel. We had to find Tandem Roasters since Chuck liked their coffee so much at Vergennes Laundry.


We tried the famous Holy Donuts. I’m a big donut fan, so this place with a line out the door had me excited, but after two bites I threw mine out. They are made with potato so they have a weird texture, kinda heavy and chewy. Chuck liked his lemon blueberry one, but the plain ones he got for breakfast the next morning ended up in the trash too. I guess potato donuts aren’t our thing.


We went to Allagash Brewery on the recommendation of another blog (chapter3travels.com). With generous free tastings we could see why this place was popular and Chuck bought a few bottles of his new favorite, Dubbel. They even had an Airstream food truck on site.



We stopped at Whole Foods so I could stock up on some of my favorites and found this Airstream parked out front.

Seems like this area is full of Airstreams!

Camden Hills State Park
Nights: 7

Working our way further north along the Maine coast brought us to Camden, but on our way Chuck spotted a car wash with a big RV bay so we had to give the trailer and truck a much needed wash.


Our site was on the main campground road, across from some piles of gravel, and next to the dump station but since most of the sites were in the trees we were happy to have sun. We have learned that we are so much happier when we have a view of the sky, plus it is good for the solar.


We found this funny water spigot coming right out of a rock in the campground.


Camden was another busy town filled with summer tourists. We walked along the waterfront and down the main street one day enjoying the views, but the rest of the week we tried to stay away.

There are so many lighthouses in this area but I settled on seeing just one. I picked the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse because it has a cool 7/8 mile walk out to it on the breakwater. When there is a really high tide it gets covered so you can’t walk out.

You can’t even see the lighthouse out there when you start.

It was a great day to enjoy the water. The fog was moving across the bay in waves and the sailing boats would disappear and then reappear.


The whole bay is covered in buoys, each with different colors and stripes, marking each lobsterman’s traps. We saw one boat zig-zagging the bay hauling up traps to check for lobsters.

One day we drove the popular Mt. Battie Auto Road in our campground to the viewpoint. Nice views without any work.

So on another day I made up for it by dragging Chuck on a short hike in the campground. The path to Ocean Lookout was listed as moderate and only 1 mile long, but we soon found it was quite steep and the trail was filled with rocks and roots. You had great views from the top, but coming back down was killer on Chuck’s knees. 😦


Mushrooms on the trail.


On an easier walk we explored the shoreline in the park.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 3IMG_3553

Wow, I guess we did a lot during our time in this part of Maine. We’re excited for our next stop. Acadia National Park here we come!

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