Back at the Factory

August 31 – September 5, 2017


We really enjoyed our time here at the factory in June for the Alumapalooza rally. This time I wasn’t sure how we would like it without all the excitement of the rally. No need to worry, it was just as great this time around.

Trailers waiting for service. They’ll be working overtime all winter long.

Airstream has a small camping area with full hook-ups called the Terraport. Our appointment was on Tuesday after Labor Day so we arrived on Thursday figuring we’d spend the holiday weekend in the terraport and skip the crowds at all the campgrounds.

Our terraport spot

We picked a spot that had our windows looking out on the factory and it was fun to watch all the comings and goings—workers leaving at the end of their shifts, half-finished vans driving around, semis dropping off vans to be made into Airstream Interstates.

Vans waiting to be turned into Airstream Interstates

The best was watching the steady parade of finished trailers leaving the lot. It was the end of the month so I’m sure they were trying to get as many out the door as possible. We’d watch pick-up trucks arrive, stop at the guard house to check in and then a little while later stop back at the guard house to check out, this time with a brand new trailer in tow. Amazing that this is how all those trailers get to the dealers, one pick-up at a time.


Shiny trailers out every window!

Even with all the noise of the factory machinery, the train that goes through town, semis coming and going, and tractors hitching up and moving trailers (back-up beeps galore), it was a calming place for us to be. There just something about being where people are building beautiful, functional, portable living spaces by hand.

Chassis for the new Atlas Motorhome

Friday morning our phone rang and the service advisor said they had a free technician and wanted to start us early. We quickly dressed and stowed everything, just in time for the tractor to arrive and pull our trailer into the service bay.

Our trailer heading off for service

We went over all the work with the tech and then headed down to Dayton to grab lunch and run errands. We returned just before they towed our trailer back out to our spot in the terraport. The tech was proud to show us all he had finished up, including a new skylight replacing one that had cracked.

We spent the weekend relaxing, watching the always interesting parade of trucks in and out of the factory, and getting things done around the trailer. I had tried to find a local fair or event to visit, but had no luck.

Airstream Lobby

On Monday, bright and early at 7am, the technician was back to pick up our trailer and finish up the work. Their work day is 7am – 3:30pm. We headed off for breakfast, did laundry in town, returned to spend a little time shopping in the Airstream store, and hang out in the nice lobby chatting with other folks there for service. By afternoon Joel had finished up all the work and returned our trailer to our spot ready for it’s next adventure!


I have to admit I’m a little sad to leave this place but more parks are calling and the weather’s getting ready to turn so we must move on.

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