A New Trailer

April 2018

We were lucky enough to see this cactus bloom on our last day in Palm Creek. The huge blooms last only a day.

While we were in Palm Creek we spent a lot of time thinking about our trailer. It is easy to get RV envy when you’re in a park filled with all kinds of fancy motorhomes…


and after a year and a half on the road we had a few wishes. One, for a comfortable seating option. Our “sofa” is little more than foam cushions on plywood and after a while your butt is hurting and you can’t get comfortable. Also our propane furnace, like most RVs, uses forced air which is not very consistent. Either you’re hot while it’s blasting or you’re cold when it cycles off and it’s noisy. So we started looking at other options with the same quality we were used to in our Airstream. We even drove up to Phoenix to check out several motorhomes, but in the end we decided that none of them gave us the feel of our Airstream. Plus we knew a Class A would fundamentally change the way we travel and we didn’t want that. So we opted for another Airstream, a 30’ Classic. 

This one, a step up for our current model, has a real couch with recliners and even the dinette has real furniture with springs in the cushions. The biggie is that it has a radiant heating system that makes no noise but keeps the trailer at a consistent temperature. After a couple of visits to Airstream of Scottsdale, we settled on the model and color scheme we wanted, but they didn’t have it in stock. Alas, a quick internet search revealed that our old friends Airstream Adventures NW had the exact trailer we wanted. 

So this meant that once again we headed north in wet, cold April (why do we do this to ourselves?!!). Since this trip was about making time I made it easy for us and booked our stops in advance, making sure that the sites were long enough to stay hitched up. 

First stop outside Barstow made for a long driving day, nearly 8 hours. 

Soon after we pulled in the sun was setting.

After another long day we arrived outside Sacramento to find a bunch of Airstreams at the RV park in Lodi. Turns out there was an Airstream rally starting the next day. In true Airstreamer fashion we were invited to join them and given a lovely jar of homemade jam. Yum! 

Wow, our trailer looks really long from this angle, and no it doesn’t have any dents, just weird reflections. 

I made sure our driving days progressively got shorter figuring we would grow weary of the long travel days. We stopped on the California-Oregon border and were the only ones in the campground. 

Our riverfront site was peaceful.

Outside Salem Oregon we stayed at Champoeg State Park, a nice change of pace from the RV parks we’d been in. Last stop was Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, 20 miles from our final destination. We arrived to sunshine and nearly 70 degrees so I took a walk down by the Green River to enjoy it. Good thing because the next day it started raining. Not just a little rain, a huge dumping. Welcome to Seattle!

Back in the wet Northwest.

Thankfully Airstream Adventures put us under their awning so we could move our belongings without getting wet. They lined us up old door to new door which made it easy to move our belongings. While I was moving things, Chuck was working on the huge task of moving our ProPride (Hensley style) hitch. It took hours. 

Old trailer on the left, brand spanking new one on the right.

We spent our first night in the new trailer under the canopy. While we didn’t have to listen to the rain pounding down on the trailer we did have the freeway sounds and the lights. Thank goodness for those new blackout shades. 

Our site at Lake Pleasant.

After getting everything moved we headed to Lake Pleasant RV Park. With not many camping options close to Seattle this one is very convenient, being about a mile from our old house.

The inside of the new trailer as viewed from the comfy couch.

As we worked on organizing the trailer, we crammed in lots of visits with friends and family but again we couldn’t believe we used to put up with all this grey, cold, wet weather not to mention the traffic and sheer number of people.

There was still snow heading over the I-90 pass.

Next up we headed to Boise for sunshine and a visit with my sister and parents. We taught them Wizard, the game Bob and Mona hooked us on at Palm Creek, and soon they were hooked too. My mom couldn’t wait to play after dinner every evening. We enjoyed my Dad’s garden and fresh picked radishes.


We even extended our stay a few days when I learned that my dad’s first softball game was coming up. At 80 years young he decided to join the senior softball league, playing on not just one but two teams. Go Flying Squirrels!

That’s my dad #41 covering second base.

It was fun to watch my dad play after all those years of him watching his kids and grandkids play and a nice ending to our time with friends and family!

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