Alaska Trial & Triumph

Part 3 of our Alaska Adventures

We see carved bears everywhere.

Day 15
Monday, June 17, 2019
Tok RV Village, AK

Finally got a good night’s sleep. Yay! 

We’re taking advantage of full hook-ups to get chores done. Did three loads of laundry last night and another three today. Continue reading “Alaska Trial & Triumph”

Alaska Bound – Traveling the Alaska Highway


Part 2 of our Alaksa Adventures

Day 8 Monday June 10, 2019
Prophet River, BC to Racing River, BC
183 miles, 4.5 hours 

Stone Mountain Provincial Park

Wildlife spotting galore today! Three separate bears (2 black, 1 brown), three separate white tailed deer, one moose, a family of four caribou, and 21 stone sheep including several lambs. Stone sheep are similar to Rocky Mountain big horn sheep but smaller and darker. They are found in northern BC and southern Yukon. These were along the highway in Stone Mountain Provincial Park. They are attracted to natural (from minerals in the rocky cliffs here) and artificial salt accumulations along the road. Continue reading “Alaska Bound – Traveling the Alaska Highway”

Alaska Bound – The Adventure Begins

Note: Like many of us practicing social distancing, I’m catching up on things I should have gotten to long ago. So here is the first installment of our trip to Alaska last summer. It was quite the journey–3 months, 9000 miles and more than a few obstacles along the way. This series will consist of entries from the journal I kept at the time and, of course, some of Chuck’s great photos. Hope it provides a welcome distraction. Safe travels everyone, even if that is just the distance between your couch and fridge 🙂

Our 2018 Airstream Classic ready for the journey. 

Day 1 — June 3, 2019
Caldwell, ID to Kennewick, WA
260 miles, Travel time 4.5 hours
Wildlife: 2 pronghorn, a deer, a couple of prairie dogs

Today is Chuck’s birthday so the first order of business is buying his Senior Lifetime National Park Pass. We usually buy the yearly pass, but now we are set “until he expires” as the ranger at Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge said. It was the closest spot to buy a pass from where we’ve been camped at the Airstream dealer. We’re excited to hit the road.  Continue reading “Alaska Bound – The Adventure Begins”


Goosenecks State Park, Utah
May 1 – 5, 2019

This was not Plan A or Plan B, but turned out to be the best plan. We were originally headed for some free boondocking on BLM land but when we got close we could see water in the small wash and decided to pass. We had seen positive reviews of Goosenecks State Park on Campendium but skipped it over for some reason. Maybe because it was $10/night to park on a dirt road with no services and we were going to get that for free at the boondocking spot. Maybe because the views looked better elsewhere. But after seeing the wash we remembered passing the sign for the park a little ways back and decided why not check it out. I’m glad we did. It turned out even better than the boondocking spot. 

Yes, our bumper is only a few feet away from that steep drop. I made Chuck sleep on that side 🙂

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Tour City, aka Lake Powell

Lake Powell Wahweap Campground
April 24 – 30, 2019

We had so looked forward to Lake Powell. We’d heard good things and built it up in our minds. So of course it didn’t live up to our expectations. We imagined something with a National park feel, but what we found was tour central. Boat tours, canyon tours, kayak tours, dam tours, and tour buses disgorging tourists everywhere.

The lake is extremely low making the walk from the campground down to the beach about a mile.

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