September 4 – 14, 2018

When I last left you we had just visited Dinosaur National Monument (very cool place!) and were at Green River State Park in Utah. From there we got an early start in hopes of snagging a good campsite in Moab. Arriving at 8:45 we lucked into a huge site at the no-frills Goose Island BLM campground. It was worth it to get there early as we were only a few miles from the entrance to Arches and from the center of town. Plus we were right on the river which provided much needed cool evening breezes.


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Back to Utah

August 26 – September 4, 2018

After our week in Yellowstone, we stopped back in Grand Teton for a few days to take care of laundry and restock the fridge. After a day of rain cleared the smoky skies, we got to enjoy spectacular Teton views as we continued south. 

Goodbye Grand Tetons

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Yellowstone, The Stinkiest Park

August 19 – 26, 2018

You really need smell-a-vision to appreciate this park. So if you can, just set a bowl of rotting eggs next to you as you read and you’ll get a much more accurate feel for our visit to our nation’s first national park. 

Day 1: After driving down the torn up road to arrive at the dismal campground (which I nicknamed the crumbling mud pit) we set up and ate some lunch.

Every day they sprayed the road through the campground to keep it nice and muddy. Gee, thanks!

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Not So Grand Tetons

August 12 – 19, 2018

I’m beginning to call this the Summer of Smoke. Everywhere we go is covered in a haze, including the Grand Tetons. While the air quality wasn’t bad like Crater Lake, our views were obscured by a layer of gauzy smoke giving them a painterly, slightly out of focus quality and making the Grand Tetons a little disappointing.

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Idaho again…

August 1 – 12, 2018

After another stop in Boise (the fourth in 3 months!) we headed to eastern Idaho to chill for a few days. We planned to stop in American Falls at Willow Bay but when we pulled in a huge softball tournament was going on. There were cars parked everywhere turning the road into a narrow obstacle course. We barely made it back out of the craziness. Continue reading “Idaho again…”